Via Mar, Highland Park

It feels like summer has arrived in L.A. which means my ceviche + fish taco game has just been elevated. Those in my inner circle know that Ricky’s makes my favorite fish taco, followed closely by Tacos Baja Ensenada in East L.A., but another heavy weight contender is Via Mar, holding it down in Highland Park. What makes Via Mar pop off is that they have a diverse menu of fresh fish, ample seating al fresco, and the prices are friendly for all budgets. On my last visit to this eastside gem, my lunch date and I settled down with the following: tacos de camaron (shrimp), tacos de pescado (fish), toastada de jaiba (crab) y a toastada de camaron. Paired with a jamaica agua fresca (hibiscus) and you have yourself a perfect summer meal. Their ceviche is fresh and when doused with chile, combines the beautiful sensation of both hot and cold. Via Mar’s shrimp tacos offer a crunch that makes each bite a burst of flavors, paired with crema, cabbage + tomatoes. A hearty meal that leaves you feeling light and if you pretend hard enough, you can almost see the beach.

Via Mar, 5111 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA. 90042

Via Mar Crab Tostada

Via Mar Highland Park

Via Mar Seafood Restaurant

Los Angeles Fish Tacos

Via Mar Ceviche


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