Tutti Frutti Organic Farm, Santa Ynez Valley

Last month I was invited by Von’s to take a tour of Tutti Frutti Organic Farm, nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of the Santa Ynez Valley. I have enjoyed many drives up the California Central Coast over my lifetime and have always appreciated the flourishing farms along the way. When the opportunity arose to visit a local farm and meet the people behind it, I jumped at the chance. I packed my hat, sunscreen and plenty of water and was on my way to discover a beautiful landscape of organic produce. Little did I know that Von’s and Pavillions had been stocking Tutti Frutti organic fruit and vegetables for almost a decade – some of same things you find at your local farmers market!

When I arrived at the farm I was so excited I immediately wanted to start rolling down a hill but I contained myself. Once I really began to take it in, I started to think about how when my grandmother was a young girl she worked in the fields picking fruit and now here I was, invited to blog all about a farm-to-table experience. I wish she was here to have seen this because she always encouraged me to write, especially since she always followed her dreams and graduated college at 50 years old. Amazing, right? The farm was bountiful, the sun was blazing and I found myself in the crops picking a bell pepper and biting right in. The crunch was like an apple and the sweetness was surprising, because I was on a organic farm I did not have to worry about pesticides or other poisons when eating my fruit – a healthier way to live no doubt.

Our group got a crash course on heirloom tomatoes where we had the chance to taste the many varieties grown on the farm. Being that tomatoes are one of my favorite things to eat, I was in heaven. Once our tour wrapped up, we hiked back to the top of the hill where a farm fresh meal had been prepared and awaited us. Lunch was packed with ingredients like butternut squash, peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant. This was one of the most colorful lunches I have eaten in awhile and it was delicious. A big thank you to Von’s for creating this unique experience that I will forever remember. Eat organic!

Tutti Frutti Organic Farm, L.A. Food Blog

Tutti Frutti Heirloom Tomatoes

Tutti Frutti chili peppers

Tutti Frutti caprese salad

Tutti Frutti Organic Farm


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