Tortilla Republic, West Hollywood

Tortilla Republic Churros

My meal ended with desert but this blog post begins with it, because when churros shine bright like a diamond, they obviously have to be the jump off on this culinary excursion. Last weekend I was invited to enjoy brunch at Tortilla Republic, located on Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood. My previous self would have given major side-eye when I read “modern Mexican” but I’ve been given a few reasons to change my ways and I’m definitely open to giving things a chance. You don’t know if you like something until you try it, right?

Now back to those bomb churros! I am putting these hot crispy pieces of dough of my list of favorites in L.A., added bonus was the cajeta (caramel) and chocolate dipping sauces served along side it. If you venture to WeHo for any reason, please put these sweet treats on your list of things to eat.

Tortilla Republic Menu

Tortilla Republic

Tortilla Republic Cocktails

The older I get, the more I seem to be eating brunch. Do you find this is happening to you as well? Does this mean that any day now, I’ll be shopping at J.Crew? (#help) Aging aside, one of the elements I seek in a successful brunch is my proximity to fresh air and the sun; this girl needs some vitamin D if you know what I mean. An added bonus to brunch, which these days seems crucial, is access to a strong cocktail. Tortilla Republic most definitely met my above requirements in spades. My brunch friend Robert and I took a seat outside, with a view of everything that was popping on Robertson and let me tell you, there were many sites to see.

I took one look at the Margarita Bar Cocktail Menu and without hesitation chose a Mezcal creation made with Passion Fruit Purée, Triple Sec, and Agave Fresh Lime Sweet. To say I got crunk off this one drink would be an understatement. Just ask Robert, he’ll tell you I couldn’t stop laughing and going on about whatever came to mind.

The perfect accompaniment to any stiff drink is a basket full of warm tortilla chips and salsa. It’s almost a match made in heaven, am I right? We were both feeling the chips and 2 out of the 3 salsas. The green (tomatillo) was lacking in proper salsa flavor, but the habnero (orange) made up for the other’s flaw. Now queue a bowl of guacamole with two giant chips, which you might think were totally unnecessary, but sometimes goofy food decorations can go a long way in the conversation.

Tortilla Republic West Hollywood

Tortilla Republic

Did someone say Eggs Benedict? If you’ve been following me for sometime, it should come as no surprise that I ordered the Hollandaise lathered dish. But this time, this brunch favorite was made with  poached eggs atop a manchego scone with chopped bacon, arugula, and classic hollandaise, served with a side of cheddar breakfast potatoes. The scone was stellar and my eggs tasty, but there was something missing in the sauce that I’m still trying to put my finger on. I wasn’t totally in love but I enjoyed myself enough that I wasn’t mad – the added bacon definitely made things better, but that’s a no brainer.

If you find yourself near Robertson and need some delish churros and to get a little tipsy, I say this West Hollywood establishment has you covered.

Tortilla Republic Eggs Benedict

Tortilla Republic

Tortilla Republic
616 N Robertson Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 657-9888


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