Post and Beam, Baldwin Hills

Post and Beam Grits

Post and Beam, located in beautiful Baldwin Hills, recently came on to my radar when my friend Joanne suggest we check it out. We hopped in my car and drove down Crenshaw Boulevard one brisk Saturday evening and upon our arrival were greeted with a friendly staff and a cozy atmosphere. Tucked away behind Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, this hidden gem proved to be such a culinary delight that I am already plotting a return for brunch.

Since traveling to Atlanta not that long ago, I developed a love for many things Southern, one of them being the cuisine, which I realized I had many misconceptions about. Much to my joy the menu boasted two of my favorite dishes: shrimp & grits (with bacon) and deviled eggs (with house-cured catfish). Both of these plates really set it off and when all were eaten and done, remained my two favorite dishes for the evening, though there were many hits at our table.

One of the reasons I love Joanne as a dining partner is that she is comfortable trying as many dishes as possible, so we decided to go all out. Believe it or not, we could still function after eating plate after plate of savory treats and were even privy to a tour (post-meal) of the restaurant’s garden, which is essential to their farm-to-table menu.

Post and Beam Menu

Post and Beam Deviled Eggs

Did I mention how much I loved deviled eggs? I must admit I’d never tried smoked catfish but let me tell you, it was a dream in my mouth. This intro plate is not to be overlooked under any circumstances! Jo, being a corn bread fan ordered up a plate of this piping hot yellow creation, which was paired with whipped honey butter. I’m probably one of the least enthusiastic people about corn bread so I couldn’t tell you either way if you should order it. I don’t even eat my mother’s corn bread and I’ve heard it’s delicious.

Post and Beam Baldwin Hills

Post and Beam Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts and bacon, now you’re talking! Ordered as a side to one of our entrees but also offered as a small plate, this cast iron pot served up some incredibly flavorful greens that truly stole the show as the must order vegetable.

For my main course, I chose the Smoked Baby Back Ribs with Spicy White Sauce. The sauce wasn’t spicy but the ribs were moist and tasty. I love when ribs are so flavorful that I feel inspired to suck the bone dry and boy, did I. Paired with two sides: Mac & Cheese and Long Cooked Greens with Smoked Ham Hock, I was sitting pretty with what felt like a platter of food, all individually bursting with flavor.

Post and Beam Ribs

Post and Beam Macaroni Cheese

Dessert, not usually in my game plan, was all too intriguing this time around. I spotted a Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with guava and kumquat glaze and didn’t even have to look at the other options because I just knew. Never have I said no to panna cotta of any sort as it is my favorite sweet treat. Much to my excitement, this perfectly chilled bowl brought the flavor and smooth texture I so fantasize about and ended what was already an enjoyable meal. Since Jo was oohing over her Nutella Bundino, made with hazelnut, caramel and crème fraîche. I had a tiny bite out of of her beautiful glass and though it was incredibly tasty, it was far too rich for my blood. Serious sweet tooths need apply.

Post and Beam Panna Cottax

Post and Beam desserts

Looking forward to spending some time on this patio once the weather warms up! Nothing beats good food, great conversation and I love supporting an African-American owned business that also boasts an African-American head chef. Major props go out to Brad Johnson for holding it down and chef Govind Armstrong for getting the menu right. The restaurant recently celebrated its year anniversary and I wish them nothing but success.

Post and Beam PatioPost and Beam
3767 Santa Rosalia Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90008
(323) 299-5599