Inn of the Seventh Ray, Topanga Canyon

Inn of the Seventh Ray Creme Brulee

“…it’s L.A.’s most romantic restaurant … and you may become engaged, even married here and celebrate your 50th.” These were the words my friend Robert so elegantly read, found on the back of the menu, and I knew Inn of the Seventh Ray was about to bring it. How could they not with a promise like that? We were about to jump into plate after plate of total deliciousness with no cares in the world, sitting on the edge of a patio over looking a creek, nestled away in the mountains of Topanga Canyon.

We started our culinary adventure with two champagne flutes of JUN elixirs, which were majorly channeling kombacha, and we weren’t complaining. Brunch was on our mind and after talking with our friendly waiter, it was obvious which direction we were going in. It was time to order and I was honestly tickled with the selection.

Inn of the Seventh Ray

Inn of the Seventh Ray Jun

Inn of the Seventh Ray Menu

Inn of the Seventh Ray

Despite the fact that I’m always tweeting about red meat, I have an affinity for all things healthy, so we went ahead and ordered the Warm Brown Rice, made with avocado, dried sea vegetables, dried garlic chips, sesame seeds, and Braggs amino acid. There was a lot of flavor packed onto this plate of beautiful colors; it had Robert reminiscing about a dish he’d eaten at Cafe Gratitude, but I’m pretty sure Inn’s version predates their’s. This is the kind of thing I could eat every day for lunch. Good for the body, tasty and leaving you feeling light.

For those not of the sea vegetable persuasion, no worries, this creek-side hideaway has you covered with Belgian Waffles, paired with fresh yogurt berry sauce and maple syrup. That’s not enough for you? A scoop of fresh fruit and a bowl of homemade lavender ice cream will elevate your entire experience. The ice cream was so magical, I was almost certain a forest nymph had worked on it all day and dropped it off as a special delivery just for us.

Inn of the Seventh Ray Brunch

Inn of the Seventh Ray

I am about to make a huge claim so listen closely! The above Pan Seared Salmon with truffle atop asparagus was one of the most incredibly fresh pieces of fish I have ever eaten. At the end of our meal, we were both in agreement that this was the dish that blew us away. I’m sure we could’ve had two more servings it was that delish. I am really still thinking about it. Now if only other spots could get their salmon to this level. A must.

At times it is difficult to follow a dish that is practically perfection, but the Lamb Sliders with Chipotle Mayo were up for the task. I am about that lamb life and these tiny juicy burgers truly hit my savory spot. The feta and roasted peppers in between the buns were complimentary and I’m pretty sure I was caught closing my eyes and moaning while eating the sliders, I was in heaven.

Inn of the Seventh Ray

Inn of the Seventh Ray Patio

The meal wasn’t finished but goodness knows if it had been, we’d be sitting pretty. Our taste buds had been re-energized, our vibes were at an all time high in the forest, and time seemed to stand still. DESSERT! We’ll take one of each … just kidding. The lead photo which truly looked like a work of art is known in the woods as Almond Milk Crème Brûlée. This was the only dish I wasn’t truly feeling and it was probably because the whole time I was eating it I kept wish it was the o.g. brulee. Ya feel me? Some things just shouldn’t be vegan, at least not in my reality. I’m sure it is loved by many but this here girl was just ok on it.

In super positive dessert news, the Blueberry Financier Cake made with ginger ice cream, caramel and cinnamon blueberry creme fraiche deserved a blue ribbon in taste. Robert tried it first and created what he thought was the perfect bite, which consisted of the cake dipped in the syrup found in the jar, with a sprinkle of ginger, one blueberry and a glimmer of ice cream. I attempted this recipe and it turns out he was correct, but I’m a ginger fanatic so I upped the ante. We were both shocked with how tasty this sweet treat was, as it didn’t necessarily bring the beauty of the Crème brûlée, but then again, looks can be deceiving. Do your table a favor and order this flavor packed creation.

Whether you’re trying to seduce a lover, impress a date or just get your grub on, Inn of the Seventh Ray has got you covered. Our time there was truly one of the most tranquil Saturdays I have had in a long time, so much, I didn’t want to leave. Added bonus was that the food was farm fresh, made with love and served with a smile.

Inn of the Seventh Ray Desert

Inn of the Seventh Ray Ice Cream

Inn of the Seventh Ray
128 Old Topanga Canyon Rd
Topanga, CA 90290
(310) 455-1311