Homeroom, Oakland

Homeroom Oakland

“Your macaroni and cheese is amazing, but I have to tell you, this is the best I’ve ever had” were the first words that came out of my father’s mouth the moment he took a bite of his bowl of cheesy goodness. Never had truer words been spoken. Homeroom had long been on my list of places to eat, ever since peeping it over on one of my favorite food blogs, Gastronomy. I was near the Bay area over the holidays and made it very clear to my family that we weren’t going home without a drive up to Oakland to eat at this cozy spot. Spoiler alert, I was high fived by every James family member at the end of this meal.

The holidays were taking a toll on my mental well-being (jk, not really) so the first thing I ordered was a mason jar of hard apple cider. Never could alcohol hit my tongue fast enough! As a family who have experienced countless culinary adventures together, no one had to be told that there could not be any repeat orders at our table; thankfully the four us all have very different tastes as well.


Homeroom Oakland Menu

Homeroom Oakland Soupd

My Dad is that man who always wants a bowl of soup, if he could have it with every meal, I’m sure he’d say “sign me up!” He ordered up a pipping hot bowl of butternut squash soup and we were all quick to say yes to his offering. I wouldn’t mind having some of that soup right now, it was that hearty and delicious. I rarely opt for starters or appetizers because I want to devote all of my focus on the entree but that soup had me briefly re-thinking my dining approach.

Here are the macs the James Gang ordered at Homeroom: 1. Top Photo (me) Spring Mac, aged asi­­­­­­ago, fresh herbs, peas and lemon zest. 2. Below (Dad) Mexican Mac, Niman Ranch chorizo, chipotle peppers, jack cheese, and cilantro, served with a wedge of lime. 3. (Mom) Vermont White Cheddar with sauteed mushrooms, velvety white cheddar from Grafton Village cheese in Vermont. 4. (sis) Ivy Leaguer: Truffle Mac, creamy black truffle gouda melted over sauteed mushrooms and fresh thyme.

I tried every single bowl of mac here, as did the rest of the gang, and we all decided that the one we had in front of us was the best. It was hilarious! What can I say? Hit up Homeroom with your friends and family, order a variety of plates off the menu and be confident in knowing that you’ll be eating some of the best macaroni and cheese in America.

Homeroom Oakland

Homeroom Oakland


Homeroom Oakland Dessert

Last but certainly not least was this mason jar filled with a glorious Banana Crème Pie, made with layers of bananas, pudding, caramel and vanilla wafers. My dad, the ultimate sweet tooth, had to order one of homemade sweet treats and none of us were mad that he did. I limit my sugar intake because it makes me feel nuts so one spoonful of this did me just right. It was a perfect last bite to an already stellar meal.

400 40th Street
Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 597-0400