Style 2012, v.4

Style 2012, V.4You know what RULES? Arbor Mist’s wine slushies.

Summer DrinksFavorite Summer Drinks also include: Mezcal at Las Perlas & Agua Frescas at Dorados

Style 2012, V. 4I love me a good peace sign / You’re never too old for Hello Kitty.

Instagram is the best medium for me to capture my various looks and since it isn’t as calculated as driving into the woods and posing for someone, I find that I am completely comfortable. Not feeling ridiculous is key to photo success! Style 2012 is evolving on a daily basis and most importantly I am having fun. It has definitely been interesting pulling out items of clothes I haven’t been able to wear in years – some shown here – which I still love. And on the official, my bangs are currently back to normal hair so I’ve been sporting the middle part. I’m digging it for sure.

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