Santa Anita Race Track, Arcadia

A couple weeks ago I was invited by America’s Best Racing to spend an afternoon of drinking, eating and gambling at Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia. Having grown up just a few miles away and spending Easter Sunday on the infield grass eating a picnic lunch as a child, I jumped at the chance of revisiting the place where I had built fond memories of placing bets with my grandfather, watching my Dad go nuts over a horse and running around with my mother and sister just for fun. I knew things were going to be different this time around being that I am now of legal age, but I decided to still keep it in the family and asked my Father to be my date.

After taking a tour of the track, we settled in the Club House were I hit the open bar and ordered a brewski. Getting turnt up while hanging with your Dad is quite the scene on a weekday afternoon. I quickly became hungry and after taking a look at the newly developed dining area, there was no doubt I was going to order a delicious prime rib sandwich. Just look at the color and fat ends of that piece of meat! I was practically foaming at the mouth. Topped with pickles, mayonaise and mustard, this sandwich is all I needed to accompany my cold beer – I felt like a real player at the track. AMR was not only kind enough to treat me to booze and food, but happily placed $50 in my hands to give the gambling a go! This is where my Dad’s knowledge became crucial, as he broke down each race, betting tactics and feeling out the vibes of the horse. Steve James knew what was up because as I kept losing – basing my choices on names that sounded like rap songs – he kept cashing in!

I was really surprised with how much fun I had just chilling at the race track, time just flew by. Made me think of the crazy time my friends and I could have hitting the bar and then screaming at the top of our lungs as our horses crossed the finished line. Really looking forward to revisiting Santa Anita when the Breeder’s Cup comes to town November 1 – 2. Maybe I’ll see you there?

Santa Anita Race Track, 285 W Huntington Dr, Arcadia, CA 91007

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Santa Anita Race Track

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