Packing for NYC

Packing for NYC

NJ in L.A. Nike Cortez

Tonight I will be on a plane to NYC for a much needed vacation. As with most everything I do, lots of thought went into packing, the itinerary and everything having to do with this romp. I live to plan. You knew this, yes? Though I will be seeing a couple friends while on the East Coast, in addition to interviewing a rapper for a new series of mine, this is officially the first (and not the last) solo vacation I have planned for myself. It is an amazing feeling having worked hard on numerous projects over the past six months that have allowed me the luxury of a beautiful hotel, culinary adventures with friends and the ability to do whatever I want with my money.

So what to pack? I have learned with enough trips over twenty something years that comfortable shoes are crucial. Had to cop a new pair of Nike Cortez before I hit the mean streets – so that I look extra fresh – but my Nike Flyknits were not to be forgotten. Lots of leather as usual and my drop crotch pants as always. Finally found the perfect pair of luxurious sweats which I look forward to wearing with some nice gold pieces. Collar necklaces, 2 pairs of Karen Walkers and my Jil Sander leather shopping bag. I’m set. OK, there were a few more items I packed, but I figured they weren’t blog appropriate.


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