Miranda July at MOCA

Miranda July: Eleven Heay ObjectsThis past Sunday marked the very last day of Miranda July’s exhibit Eleven Heavy Things at MOCA Pacific Design Center.  Having followed her career for over ten years now, I was thrilled to read she created interactive sculptures specifically to adorn the lawn of the museum.  Although I waited until the very last day to take in the joy of July’s art, I am so happy I made it just in time to partake in the fun. It was especially entertaining running up and down the tiny rolling hills in my mandatory tennis shoes.

The sculpture above is entitled Finger Tablet and you can interpret it as you will.  How could you not love it?  Miranda July always gets the mind wandering and I love her deeply for that.  My favorite piece (below) is entitled Pedestal for a Daughter and simultaneously breaks my heart and makes me proud.

Here are a few more.  Which one is your favorite?

Miranda July: Eleven Heay Objects

Miranda July: Eleven Heay Objects


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