Lucky Noodle King, San Gabriel

Lucky Noodle King is one of my favorite places to eat and not just because it’s a 5 minute bike ride from my house. I have been hooked on LNK since my first meal and there have been times where you could catch me eating there at least once a week. Calling me a regular would be an understatement, but with Sichuan this good and my addiction to spicy, it is hard to stay away. I bring all my friends to Lucky Noodle King and always order the same thing for their introductory meal: Dan Dan Noodles, Wontons in Chili Oil and Chongqing Chicken. I have tried numerous dishes at my Sichuan staple, but these are the ones that consistently please any newcomer I bring in. An added bonus is the plate of complimentary pickled cabbage and peanuts tossed in chili, or a special surprise from the kitchen, like a spicy cured sausage that Lee Lee was recently testing out. Yes, I am on a first name basis at Lucky Noodle King.

Dan Dan Noodles are tops for me in the Chinese culinary game. Made to order, the noodles are typically knife cut (though I’ve eaten hand cut around town) and on the softer side. Packed with dried red chilies, crushed peanuts, minced garlic, ground pork and a dollop of peanut sauce, this colorful bowl demands tossing at the table. The flavors are rich and spicy (duh, Sichuan) but I love adding even more heat with the obligatory peppers found on the table. This bowl of noodles is so delicious it’s hard not to devote your entire meal to worshiping their creation. I must warn, you will become addicted! Next up, the Wontons in Chili Oil Sauce, topped with crushed red peppers and scallions. The broth in which these wontons live is hearty and the swirls of bright red chili oil adds to the flavor in which I crave. These are most perfect on a cold day.

Paging fried chicken lovers, the Chongqing Chicken is a stellar dish of spicy fried goodness. Simply peep that heaping mound of peppers and your tongue will be able to envision the kind of heat packed in each bite. I have been eating fried chicken in the SGV since I was a kid and there is something to be said about our popcorn pieces that stand out from the rest. At LNK, it’s fun to pluck these bad boys out from under the mountain of chilies and enjoy the spicy crunch of each morsel.

Lucky Noodle King, 534 E Valley Blvd # 10, San Gabriel, CA 91776

Lucky Noodle King Dan Dan Noodles

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Lucky Noodle King

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