La Casita Mexicana, Bell

Mexican brunch was what we were feeling so I put the fam onto La Casita Mexicana, located in Bell. I had been to the restaurant a few times prior but going with a larger group finally allowed me the opportunity to sample a variety of dishes offered. Like any Mexican sitdown with our gang, our meal started with Queso Fundido con Choirzo. Melted Mexican cheeses, generously sprinkled with fatty pork and paired with fresh corn tortillas – this is what dreams are made of. Take note, this is a must order on their menu!

I consider myself a lover of beverages and at La Casita they’re killing the game with their Lemonade with Chia Seeds and Melon Agua Fresca. Both refreshing and perfectly sweet, it’s too difficult to choose which one is my favorite. Thankfully my sister came with, so we got to have a taste of both. Hands down the star of the table was the Three Mole Flautas with Chicken, smothered in mole poblano, red pepián and green pepián. The moles were rich, vibrant, and awakened the taste buds with each bite. Believe it or not, this Mexican-American girl did not grow up with mole in her home, so I love having the opportunity to taste the incredible flavors when I’m out discovering my city. If you are looking for something bold, go with one of their mole dishes.

People really love the chilaquiles at La Casita so I opted for the Divorciados, which combines both red and green chilaquiles. Red being made with special red tomato and Cascabel sauce and Green with a tomatillo and chile Serrano sauce. I have come to realize that I’m not crazy about chilaquiles. Not to say these weren’t good, but I just found myself dreaming about the moles the whole time I was eating them. I must not forget to mention some of the BEST churros I have had in L.A. are found here. Filled with cajeta (caramel), these crunchy babies are so delicious you cannot help but eat them while pipping hot. You might even find yourself fighting for the last one!

La Casita Mexicana, 4030 Gage Avenue, Bell, CA 90201

La Casita Mexicana Queso Fundido

La Casita Mexicana, Bell

La Casita Mexicana, Bell

La Casita Mexicana

La Casitas Mexicana

La Casitas Mexicana Churros


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