Jamberry Nails

Jamberry Nails

I love having nails that make a statement and because of this I always have my peepers open for what new thing I can try out. When nail shield company Jamberry Nails contacted me about their product Рafter seeing my various blog posts & Instagram photos of nail love РI was super psyched. Previous to trying Jamberry Nail Shields, I had only sampled some sticker decals that ended looking like a hot mess. This time around I was crossing my fingers that this experiment would be a success.

Enlisting the help of a nail loving friend Denise was a must as I didn’t think I could do this alone. Her extra hands definitely aided in the beauty of the final look, but her and I both feel confident that we could do it on our own after this. So what’s the deal? Let me break it down. These decals are a type of plastic that you heat up with a blow dryer, press on the nail, smooth out and trim. Absolutely no nail polish necessary!

Choosing from over 150 styles was tough and in the end Paint Splatter won out.¬†Everyone has digging my new look and with over a week on my fingers they still look pretty bomb. You know my recommendations are legit and I give these the NJ thumb’s up!

Jamberry Nails Paint Splatter Design

Jamberry Nail Art



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