From Here to There

I’ve never seen so many great tights in one room.  Last night I was a guest at the From Here to There holiday party hosted by the lovely Stefani Greenwood and Serge Monkewitz .  Delicious food, superb music and amazing people.  I’m glad I had my camera with me because the ladies were wearing some gorgeous tights in addition to their already incredible shoes.  From the Dr. Marten throwbacks, to the fuschia suede heels, this group knew how to dress for a soiree.

I wish you could see my entire outfit!  I wore an early nineties crushed velvet dress from the GAP paired with some American Apparel black tights and Aldo shoes (pictured above).  Add a faux fur jacket and beanie and you’re practically on the set of Beverly Hills 90120.  This is where all my inspiration stems from these days as I’ve been watching season 1 on the Soap Network.


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