Death to Dishonesty

Tullamore Dew

When Vice UK reached out to introduce Tullamore Dew’s new campaign, Death to DishonestyI couldn’t think of a better phrase that encapsulated my attitude these days. It has always been my mission to be honest with myself and others, despite the fact that I have been accused of being brash at times, and as I get older (+ wiser) I have been shown that living without lies has allowed me to obtain the things I want in life.

Tullamore Dew, which is an Irish whiskey if you didn’t already know, embodies the authentic Irish spirit, making way for the genuine things in life. Finding positives to cancel out society’s fakery is a key element in this brand’s identity. I have been asked to share what I think is fake and how it could be resolved to get to the truth. You too can participate for a chance to win a unique trip to Ireland! Here are my qualms, social media edition!

I know you just read my text message, so why did it take you 20 mins to respond? Surely you’re not that busy. If someone who is on a national rap tour can message me back in 30 seconds, surely someone with a part time job can get back to me in a reasonable amout of time.

This one is on me. It is obvious when someone wants you in their life vs. wanting you right that second. Ladies, listen up. Put those phones away and live your life without wondering if he is going to text, it really isn’t worth it. You could be out there building an empire with all that time you sit sulking over your iphone. Get focused!

Traveling to NYC, eating delish food and hanging out with beautiful men. Quality Instagram photos if you ask me, yet you didn’t like a single one. That’s what you call a stage 5 hater. I see hilarious graphics on the daily that talk about people who follow you on Instagram but rarely “like” – they’re called lurkers. But your friends shouldn’t be one of them.

If your friend has been taking mad gulps of the haterade, it is better you found out now than later, right? The resolve is simple and is going to work to your benefit in the long run. Scale back. Not with your Insta, but with that “friend.” Don’t let their passive aggression get you down. If they cannot roll with your new positive successful life, then you don’t want that kind of shade in your atmosphere anyways.

We’re all entitled to a weepy social media moment here and there, with Twitter being the best outlet to unravel at a second to second basis. But if most your tweets are hashtagged with #FML or a claim about being bi-polar, then there is a much more serious problem at hand.

Don’t get sucked into sad Twitter accounts, I promise they’re only going to pull your energy down. The people sending out these messages need to get it together and as soon as possible. To the tweeters: If you hate your life so much, why not take at least one step in a positive direction to try and change it? Or at least don’t complain about it on Twitter.


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