Juicy J at the House of Blues

Academy Award Winner Juciy J is a veteran, a seasoned professional. This was my third time seeing him perform in the past year and last time we were in the same room I found myself on stage breakdancing and catching ones. I had anticipated a great show considering my previous experiences and my expectations were exceeded! Guest performers included Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean and Miley Cyrus, who took time out of her busy schedule to twerk for us. Although it was a “Zip & A Double Cup”, “Bandz a Make Her Dance” and “Show Out” that got the crowd the most turnt, Juicy maintained at 100 the entire show. As a performer Juicy does not utilize the entire stage, nor dance much, but instead maintains a steady bounce that is really quite charming. His shows are usually seamless, with little to few missteps and always packed with high energy – I confidently recommend him live because I know he’ll give you what you want.

I am eagerly awaiting the release of Juicy J’s upcoming Album Stay Trippy. It feels like we’ve been waiting forever. If my gut feeling is correct, Juicy treats live shows like a career, so we can look forward to many more tours in our time. Stay trippy mane.

Now listen to Juicy J here.

Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa at The House of Blues


Juicy J Big Sean at The House of Blues

Wiz Khalifa HOB

Miley twerks at Juicy J

Lil B at The Observatory

Seeing Lil B perform live should immediately be added to your list of things to do before you die.

I was first put onto the Based God back in 2011 while shopping in Atlanta with the former bae, but didn’t really submerge myself in his music until earlier this year. Since my life is all about the positive vibes, Lil B has been inspiring my Twitter timeline for a minute and if you check his following, you’ll see that this genius is a pure internet professional. When I received word that the young Based God was finally putting on a Southern California show, I was one of the first to buy a ticket! A drive down to Santa Ana was no big thang, because I had a feeling I was about to be charmed. The last time I was at The Observatory I was backstage for Danny Brown and it was a strange feeling to be back and among the crowd. Mostly surrounded by teenage boys with ridiculous attitudes – seriously, one wanted to fight me – and young ladies who appeared to be dragged by their boyfriends, I wasn’t feeling the based vibes I was hoping to, but that all stopped when Lil B took the stage. His presence, his aura, his everything, completely enthralled me and I was completely his for the next hour and forty-fives minutes. Though I had not memorized everything in his oeuvre, he still managed to have me going nuts for every song: twerking, screaming, and sweating, which is often difficult to maintain at a rap show. The passion was there, the love was evident and the Based God had us feeling like family. We chanted “I love you” and “I love the Earth”, and he encouraged us to hug our neighbor. Lil B created a church of positive vibes that evening and I was listening to his sermon.

Now listen to Lil B. here

Lil B at The Observatory

Lil B at The Observatory

Coachella 2013

Danny Brown Coachella

I came for the rap music were the words I tweeted upon arrival at my very first Coachella. Having been at Paid Dues just a couple weeks prior (my first outdoor festival), I prepared myself mentally and physically for what would be 2 days in the desert sun, being touched by thousands of sweaty bodies.. Riding solo dolo had it’s benefits: I created my own schedule, went at my own pace and did whatever I wanted without raising the eyebrows of the people around me. My Coachella iphone app kept me on my toes with my timeline reading as follows: Earl Sweatshirt, Theophilus London, Action Bronson, Danny Brown, 2 Chainz, Grizzly Bear, Pusha T, Grimes and James Blake. I had a few others on my list but I was too exhausted to stick them out.

Danny Brown: Oh Danny, what to say without saying too much? Since becoming a fan of his music, I have found that Hot Soup is my particular favorite of his oeuvre. I surely didn’t expect him to play any of his older tracks as it’s his most recent music – with a higher pitched voice – that has the boys and girls shitting themselves. Particularly enjoyed when he laid down Black Brad Pitt and I Will as those are solid inspirational sex songs that I run to on the daily. I had my fingers crossed that one of his most recent songs, Hottest MC, would make it on the set list (it didn’t) but I figured he didn’t think it was “turnt up” enough for the crowd. His best music doesn’t get the love it deserves. I am looking forward seeing where Danny’s music career goes. Here’s to his bright future.

Coachella Theophilus London

Theophilus London: I had been anticipating this performance like I was on my death bed or something, despite my friend Ibra giving me a hard time about Theo. What can I say? Rose Island Vol I was one of my favorite mixtapes last year. No complaints about arriving first thing at 1pm to see Theophilus London dance across the stage while wearing all white, with silver sequence cascading over his Jordans. I absolutely love when rappers perform with a live band, especially when the crew are some cuties who feel inspired to take their shirts off. Theo dropped a new jam called Rio that I was digging, and despite some mic issues at times, I thoroughly enjoyed his stage presence and was grooving pretty hard at times. It’s obvious that Sade is one of his biggest influences and I ain’t mad at that!

2 Chainz Coachella

2 Chainz: Judging from this photo it is obvious I did not get as close, er VIP, as I had hoped. Part of the greatness of this performance was that the crowd was beyond psyched and with each song, the rapping in unison only escalated – the feeling inside my bones was unreal at this point. 2 Chainz played all the hits, as any super star would coming off the best year in their career. May I say (though I tweet about it every other day) that 2 Chainz has the most beautiful hair. I just want to wrap myself up in his beautiful locks while we share stories of our mutual appreciation for leather and gold. This was a festival highlight no doubt, not just for me, but for the packed crowd at the Mojave stage. Stellar performance, pure fun and positive vibes. 2 Chainz is not simply a rapper, he is a performer. Cannot wait to see what else this beautiful man has up his sleeve. Maybe a modern day version of Dracula awaits his career?

Coachella 2013
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Jeremih at The Fonda

Jeremih at The Fonda

Jeremih is one of the most underrated musicians in R&B. I recently heard someone on a podcast call him a one-hit-wonder, and although this would be accurate in regards to radio play + sales, he has many hits in my own personal universe. When he released the mixtape “Late Nights with Jeremih” last year, I literally morphed into a puddle by track three and I had it on repeat for months. If you’ve listened, I am sure you know what I am talking about.

I have been a fan for awhile, so much that at one point I was checking his site + twitter on the daily, eagerly anticipating an L.A. show announcement. When I heard about Jeremih at The Fonda, in support of DJ Shlomo, I literally squealed with delight and immediately bought my ticket. This show was definitely one of my most anticipated and Jeremih succeeded at making me feel like a bowl full of jello. Although his performance was knee-weakening, I must admit I was rather disappointed that he only delivered 5 tracks. I waited until 11:45pm for this short set? For shame. Might I suggest that if you are trying to really make something pop off career wise, give the people what they have been so patiently waiting for.

Meeting Drake

Meeting Drake

Manifestation at it’s finest. Remember my series of Drake in the Desert? Now I am one step closer to making this a real life love story.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles. I hit Fairfax with my friend Robert and within 5 minutes of my arrival, I found my eyes filling with tears as I saw Drake exiting Supreme. I screamed “IT’S DRAKE!” as my body began to tremble and my blood began to boil with excitement. Things had taken a turn and I needed to make my next move quick. Drizzy crossed the street, with at least 5 OVO entourage members in tow, all wearing Drake’s signature owl tees and upon closer look, diamond encrusted owl pendants as well. The crew passed as I stood there trying not to fall face first onto the sidewalk. This was finally the moment to introduce myself to the man I had come to appreciate over the years. His album Take Care was single handily the music that nursed me through my break up; Drake’s art holds great significance to me. I sauntered into the OF shop, packed with Loiter Squad regulars and Tyler the Creator himself, but didn’t pay any mind as I just wanted to experience the beauty of Drake.

His wrists were showered in beautiful gold pieces and diamonds, his feet nestled in a neon pair of Nikes and it’s as if his leather pants were calling my name. I spotted his father in the crowd – I’m a REAL fan, so yes I know what his dad looks like – went over to him and asked if I may take a photo with his glorious son. He kindly looked at me and said “you’ll have to ask him, as everyone always wants his photo.” My response was “well sir, I’m not everyone and considering that you are his father, I thought I’d approach seniority first.” It was at this point he realized I wasn’t like the rest, asked my name and shook my hand. We began to chop it up and it was at this moment Drake began walking towards us.

No lie, the first thing Drake did upon looking me in the face was wink at me with his left eye. HOLY SHIT, what a glorious moment. I turned to him and asked if he could sacrifice a photo with one of his biggest fans. It was at this exact moment I witnessed Drake being the man I’ve come to love: soft-spoken, gentle, and warm. He put his arm around me and grabbed his crotch – if that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is! Bonus: his father took this photo of us.

Don’t you just love our matching leather? Drake, if you read this, please find me. I’m waiting.

Podcasting with Ibra Ake


While in NYC I became IRL friends with Ibra Ake, a talented young photographer born in Nigeria and living in the big city. After some cocktails at the Soho House we decided to walk over to my room at The Standard High Line and have an impromptu podcast. Needless to say, pure gold was recorded – so good it had to be divided into two parts!

I had a blast chatting with Ibra about everything from racism, sex, religion and of course, rap music. This was a great intro into the world of podcasting, especially because mine will be launching later this month! Hope that you’ll listen, laughs guaranteed.

PT 1

PT 2

Beck at Sonos Studio

Beck at Sonos Studio

I had the pleasure of being invited to an intimate evening with Beck at Sonos Studio last week in celebration of his latest project, Song Reader, which is his an album in sheet music form. Though the forever cute Mr. Hansen did not perform (much to the crowd’s sadness) it was a delight to be in his presence while he spoke about his imaginative work and the music he’s created over the past 20+ years.

Song Reader’s songs were released exclusively as sheet music by McSweeney’s and are encased in a beautifully designed folder. As Beck discussed in his Q+A, he’s fallen in love with the many renditions his work has inspired, many of which he’s watched via Youtube. Sonos has created a space that is “specifically tailored to allow visitors to both engage with these audience interpretations and to create them.” Stop by the Sonos until March 24 to experience this beautifully curated show and even record your own jam from Song Reader!

Beck at Sonos Studio


Beck Sonos Studio

Beck Self Playing Piano

Beck Hansen Art Show

Sonos Studio
145 N. La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA. 90036

HTC Colors

HTC Phone

HTC Phone

New HTC Phone

I was recently gifted the sleek new Windows Phone 8X by HTC and I’ve been having a blast playing with it. Despite the fact that I wasn’t given a phone number to accompany my device, I have been using it to download various apps and to take photos galore.

As someone who went from being addicted to her Blackberry to finally embracing the iPhone, I must admit there have been countless times that I have pondered about what other telephonic contraptions could be making my life easier. Being given the chance to experiment with another kind of device has been quite the eye-opening experience. The first thing I appreciated about my new toy was the size of the screen as I prefer viewing my media on a larger scale. The interface of the Windows phone is simple to use and it really turns me on how quickly I can swipe everything. I find that on my iPhone the navigation always lags so this was a pleasant change. The only thing that has been bumming me out are the colors on the main screen but maybe I can change them and I haven’t even realized how to yet? That’s what I’m hoping, because purple and orange are not the cutest looks.

In addition to offering a Beats by Dre audio system (hell yeah dude), the HTC phone is offering a killer camera in which I used to take the above photos of my workout steeze. These images are unedited and exude the kind of color quality I need in my life. I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can do with the Windows Phone 8X by HTC. #Troop8X #HTC8

P.S. I now have purple hair!

Ciara at the Key Club

Ciara at The Key Club

Last week I was invited by iD gum and Myspace to see Ciara perform live at the Key Club in West Hollywood. Having been a Ciara fan since her early days I was so psyched to see her live for the first time. I know, right? My friends and I headed to VIP where we were ready to see her goodies. When Ciara took the stage I was immediately blown away by her beauty and her abs – just look at them! I was digging her entire ensemble, head to toe in white, no doubt I’m going to cop that style come spring.

Her performance really did it for me, from her singing to incredible dance moves, her energy level was amped and I was feeling it. Ciara played all the hits and ended her set with “Like a Boy” which is my absolute favorite. L.A. Reid was seated across from us and he was digging it as well.

Can we make Ciara a huge star already?

Ciara at The Key Club

Ciara Live

Waka Flocka Triple F Life

Waka Flocka Givenchy [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kd82LSXcNw&feature=branded&w=715&h=24]

I love Waka Flocka Flame. Do you know why? Because he was one of the most positive personalities I have ever seen. Just take a look at that photo up above, the truth is in the smile. His album Triple F Life: Friends Fans Family dropped on Tuesday and I am wishing him all the best. I am so thankful to have see him last month when he was in town with my other boo Drizzy Drake. When he performed Round of Applause I pretty much lost my shit. Go ahead & play it, I triple dog dare you.