Cloverleaf Bakery, Temple City

You might have already guessed by now that I live for finding delicious food and spend much of my time whipping things up in the kitchen.  Food in my family and my culture has always meant a time of pleasure and without a doubt a time to connect with people.  I drive all over L.A. county looking for the best this and that.  Asael enjoys the adventure and I know my friend’s always count of me for a recommendation, which I love.

Since moving back to the SGV not only have I been frequenting my childhood spots, but I’ve been compiling a list of all the new amazing places that have been popping up across this gourmand paradise.  Cloverleaf Bakery is probably my new favorite place.  The building used to be a Winchell’s and I cannot say I know anyone who is missing it;  I’ll take an abundance of Asian baked goods over lame donuts any day.

See that whole tray of baked goods? $9 and absolutely delicious.  I highly recommend the rose blossom cream cheese and purple wheat health loaf.

Cloverleaf Bakery
9475 Las Tunas Dr
Temple City, CA 91780

Fleur de Lys Bakery, Monterey Park (update: now closed)

When I got word that a French patisserie opened in Monterey Park, I released a heavy sigh and gave an audible thanks to the universe.  Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for the Vietnamese coffee and baguettes at Banh Mi My Tho, Bahn Mi Che Cali, Mr. Lees, and Mr. Baguette, but I’ve been dying for a place in my community where I can sit down with a fresh croissant, meringue and vanilla latte.  Bon Appétit!

As you can see by the photos, this is the cutest little spot on Atlantic Avenue.  Can you believe this was once a janky hair salon?  True.  The afternoon I dropped by (thank you furlough Friday) the patisserie was probably at its calmest hour which proved beneficial for someone like me who examines every single inch of a new space.  The staff was friendly and knowledgeable and I couldn’t help but notice the black metal tattoos on one of the bakers.  They make everything in house, and if you so desire, you can watch through a large window in the wall.

Fleur de Lys Bakery (visit site)
440 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 282-4040

Din Tai Fung, Arcadia






Do you know how to properly eat a dumpling? If you are not sure, don’t worry, the directions on Din Tai Fung’s chopsticks will instruct you how.  Delicious soup dumplings, super fresh veggies, and an attentive wait staff are just a few of the things you’ll notice at this amazing dumpling house. Might I recommend the spicy wonton soup, which in fact isn’t soup at all.  Trust me and order it.  My friend Stefani described the burst of flavors she experienced when she ate the wontons and once I took that bite I was taken to another world.  Serious.

Did I mention that everything is meant to be dipped into vinegar and ginger? How more delicious do you want it?  Paired with the most perfectly steamed broccoli and I am in heaven.  A quick note, when Anthony Bourdain was asked what is the one dish he would travel half way round the world to eat again, he replied “the soup dumpling at Din Tai Fung”.  I’d love to share dumplings and a bit of something else with that dream boat.