L.A. Art Book Fair at MOCA

James Franco x Brad Renfro Knife↑ James Franco made a Brad Renfro Forever knife ↑

Over the weekend I was super psyched to spend a part of my afternoon at the L.A. Art Book Fair at MOCA (The Geffen Contemporary). I ran into a lot of faces, both from the past and present, and it was great to be submerged in a world I was once so active in. I wrote a riot grrrl zine for many years in case you were wondering, not to mention my short but prolific years of making art via stone lithography.

Here are my favorite things that I couldn’t take my eyes off. S/O to Marco Braunschweiler’s terracotta butt cheeks and the Larry Clark wall I stood in front of for at least 10 minutes.

Death Row Records Blanket

L.A. Art Book Fair

L.A. Art Book Fair at MOCA

L.A. Art Book Fair

L.A. Art Book Fair


World Famous Crochet Museum

World Famous Crochet Museum Joshua Tree

If your jaw dropped when you read World Famous Crochet Museum I promise you that you’re not alone. When I stepped into this bubble of wonderment my curiosity reached record levels. Created by local artist Shari Elf and located on a patch of residential land off Twenty Nine Palms Hwy, this magical museum will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Yet again a special place to experience in the High Desert. Another great addition to the High Desert Test Sites (HDTS), which I’ve almost seen all!

Shari happened to be on location and was kind enough to tell us all about her crochet creation, give us a tour of her studio and open up her rad gallery for us to take a peek. She’s been collecting crocheted pieces for quite some time and in addition to running the show here, she sells her art at the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market. Now, take a look at her amazing collection.

Which little friend is your favorite?

World Famous Crochet Museum Joshua Tree

World Famous Crochet Museum Joshua Tree

World Famous Crochet Museum Joshua Tree

World Famous Crochet Museum Joshua Tree

World Famous Crochet Museum Joshua Tree

World Famous Crochet Museum
61855 Highway 62
Joshua Tree, California
(just east of the Joshua Tree Saloon)

Art Tour Los Angeles

Ann Hamilton at Gemini

Last week I went on an excursion that would best be called as my very own Art Tour Los Angeles, which was kindly provided by a former professor of mine. Believe it or not, I once flirted with the idea of going to art school to study printmaking (particularly stone lithography) but realized it wasn’t the right fit for my academic desires. My love for art is still present and it was great to explore a few places to see what was popping.

Our first stop was Gemini G.E.L. where I was privy to a private tour of the facility. Ellsworth Kelly was on display and it was fascinating to peak in on the people who actually produce his prints. Upon entering Gemini’s Frank Gehry designed gallery, I was immediately drawn to this Ann Hamilton piece (above). Incredible, right? We also swung by the new Matthew Marks Gallery in West Hollywood to check out some more Ellsworth Kelly (last photo). Our final stop was at LACMA as I wanted to check out RODARTE: Fra Angelico Collection before the exhibition closed. My art date was not impressed but I was dying over the incredible colors, shapes, and dimensions of the gorgeous gowns. C’mon, just look at that dress below!

Which piece is your favorite?

Rodarte at LACMA

Baldessari at Gemini

Ellsworth Kelly at Matthew Marks Gallery

Miranda July at MOCA

Miranda July: Eleven Heay ObjectsThis past Sunday marked the very last day of Miranda July’s exhibit Eleven Heavy Things at MOCA Pacific Design Center.  Having followed her career for over ten years now, I was thrilled to read she created interactive sculptures specifically to adorn the lawn of the museum.  Although I waited until the very last day to take in the joy of July’s art, I am so happy I made it just in time to partake in the fun. It was especially entertaining running up and down the tiny rolling hills in my mandatory tennis shoes.

The sculpture above is entitled Finger Tablet and you can interpret it as you will.  How could you not love it?  Miranda July always gets the mind wandering and I love her deeply for that.  My favorite piece (below) is entitled Pedestal for a Daughter and simultaneously breaks my heart and makes me proud.

Here are a few more.  Which one is your favorite?

Miranda July: Eleven Heay Objects

Miranda July: Eleven Heay Objects

And Now, Some Art

Cal Arts MFA show

Cal Arts MFA show

A couple weeks ago I went to see a MFA show at Cal Arts and stumbled upon some pieces that made art feel really fun.  These installations are by artist Kari Reardon who I had a chance to speak with and it sounded as if her pieces were met with great reception.  I still can’t decide which one I love more, the bear rug made of grass or the giant hands which happened to play music when you stepped on the circular object behind them?

Can you get into this, or what?


Over the weekend I saw the much talked about film Exit Through the Gift Shop.  I really enjoyed Bansky’s directorial debut, it contained never before seen footage of street artists and was surprisingly quite funny.  As much fun Asael and I had watching the film, we definitely noticed the lack of female artists featured in the film.  I’ll let you come to your own conclusions about that, but it did remind me of how much I love French Grafitti artist Miss Van.

A couple years ago I was fortunate enough to attend the Miss Van show at Merry Karnowsky Gallery. At the show I met Vanessa (Miss Van) and bought some of her limited edition postcards.  Had I $15,000, I would’ve definitely bought a piece.  Every time I get an email blast from Miss Van my heart breaks that I cannot attend one of her international shows.  She’s in Mexico City right now at the Fifty24 Gallery if you live in the area.

Read more about Miss Van here.

From Here to There

I’ve never seen so many great tights in one room.  Last night I was a guest at the From Here to There holiday party hosted by the lovely Stefani Greenwood and Serge Monkewitz .  Delicious food, superb music and amazing people.  I’m glad I had my camera with me because the ladies were wearing some gorgeous tights in addition to their already incredible shoes.  From the Dr. Marten throwbacks, to the fuschia suede heels, this group knew how to dress for a soiree.

I wish you could see my entire outfit!  I wore an early nineties crushed velvet dress from the GAP paired with some American Apparel black tights and Aldo shoes (pictured above).  Add a faux fur jacket and beanie and you’re practically on the set of Beverly Hills 90120.  This is where all my inspiration stems from these days as I’ve been watching season 1 on the Soap Network.

Monster Mash



I bought my tickets in the presale yesterday – center orchestra, wow – but you can buy your’s today starting at 10 AM.

Gaga on the tour’s fashion direction: “The fashion, certainly, is going to be another exploration and another level from where we were with the Fame Ball. The theme of monsters is certainly going to be an influence, as well as the theme of evolution and change. It’s going to be a truly artistic experience that is going to take the form of the greatest post-apocalyptic house party that you’ve ever been to.”



One of my favorite groups ever is returning to Los Angeles. I welcome back The Fiery Furnaces! Please join me at the El Rey Theater November 21, 2009 to see them live. If you haven’t listened to their music before, do yourself a favor and pick up their album Gallowsbird’s Bark. Though I’ve fallen quite out of the music scene there is no reason for me to miss one of the most amazing duos alive today. And hey, Eleanor is so unbelievably cool that she’ll make you barf yourself. For reals.

P.S. You might have seen Eleanor is some Miu Miu ads before. Just saying.