Caficultura, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and on a couple of occasions I made it my priority to grab a table at Caficultura to start my morning right. Located in Old San Juan, this cozy cafe felt like a bit of old and new Puerto Rico under one beautiful roof. It was here that I discovered Avena (Puerto Rican oatmeal) and sipped on a cortadito (Cuban espresso made with brown sugar) – two culinary firsts that I will never forget. Avena is hands down the most delicious oatmeal I have ever consumed. Far more creamier and made with ground / blended oats, this hot bowl of cereal was one of my favorite things I ate while in Puerto Rico.

Caficultura is very cosmopolitan and the menu feels like you could eat brunch everyday, with banana rum pancakes, coconut french toast, mallorcas, sandwiches and a variety of omelettes. I was fortunate to be with a group, so I had the opportunity to sample a lot of different dishes. Like most of my meals in PR, I ordered up a couple pastelillos (flaky savory pastries), which included ground beef and goat cheese & walnut – the dough was absolutely perfecto! If you see a savory pastry in PR, I say order it, you won’t be disappointed.

Caficultura, 401 San Francisco, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901

Caficultura Avena Oatmeal

Caficultura Old San Juan

Caficultura Pastelillos

Caficultura Pancakes

Caficultura Sandwich

Caficultura Puerto Rico

Cortadito at Caficultura


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