Back from Sabbatical

Welcome back dear reader. I am happy to announce that I am back from an unannounced blogging sabbatical. Thank you for your patience during these past 2 months, your comments, emails, and text messages asking where the heck I was have been appreciated. I’ve been going strong on Twitter and Instagram, which I hope you’re following, but here’s an update on what I’ve been up to since we last spoke.

It’s all been about my career and love life in 2012. I finally landed the kind of job I’d been working so hard for, with an amazing group of women, at a design and brand consulting studio in Atwater Village. I have continued to review restaurants, hotels, and other businesses for Citysearch L.A. in addition to being named their Social Media Manager. Another gig I grabbed during this off time was writing a chef profile for a popular hotel who is flirting with the idea of launching a magazine. Hoping that goes to print! The last of my jobs is being brought on as a lifestyle blogger for Miss KL (part of Karmaloop), so keep your eyes out for some good pieces!

As for my love life, my Twitter feed explains most of that. Famous to non-famous, the men of this year are appreciated. Thanks for getting me right.

This year I have taken my own advice and it’s all falling into place. If you want it bad enough, you can make it happen. Trust. Now on with the program.


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