Art Tour Los Angeles

Ann Hamilton at Gemini

Last week I went on an excursion that would best be called as my very own Art Tour Los Angeles, which was kindly provided by a former professor of mine. Believe it or not, I once flirted with the idea of going to art school to study printmaking (particularly stone lithography) but realized it wasn’t the right fit for my academic desires. My love for art is still present and it was great to explore a few places to see what was popping.

Our first stop was Gemini G.E.L. where I was privy to a private tour of the facility. Ellsworth Kelly was on display and it was fascinating to peak in on the people who actually produce his prints. Upon entering Gemini’s Frank Gehry designed gallery, I was immediately drawn to this Ann Hamilton piece (above). Incredible, right? We also swung by the new Matthew Marks Gallery in West Hollywood to check out some more Ellsworth Kelly (last photo). Our final stop was at LACMA as I wanted to check out RODARTE: Fra Angelico Collection before the exhibition closed. My art date was not impressed but I was dying over the incredible colors, shapes, and dimensions of the gorgeous gowns. C’mon, just look at that dress below!

Which piece is your favorite?

Rodarte at LACMA

Baldessari at Gemini

Ellsworth Kelly at Matthew Marks Gallery


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