Another Kind of Sunrise, Venice

It’s not every day I find myself in Venice, one of the most interesting neighborhoods to walk, bike, and explore. When I got word about a new cereal takeaway cafe located on Abbot Kinney, I knew I had to leave the comforts of the Eastside and go peep this organic creation nestled next to Left House. Owned by beautiful couple, Greg and Diana, this cozy stand offers reprieve from the busy street surrounding it. This labor of love was beautifully designed by Greg’s brother Jordan, of architecture firm DXA studio, and shines with a courtyard touched by the hands of LA-based artist Matthew Morgan and landscape designer Patrick Cullina, creating a space dedicated to the love of cereal. AKOS shines with floor and wall murals of sunrises, and planters filled with exotic fruits, offering a tranquil environment to enjoy a healthy bowl of goodness.

Serving organic, natural and non-gmo cereal, with options for vegetarians, vegans, and those living a gluten-free or paleo lifestyle, AKOS sources food from small organic farms and local food artisans. They also serve cold pressed juices from Venice’s own Moon Juice and organic almond milk made with fresh young coconut water from MylkMan. On my visit, I had the opportunity to taste 3 of their “Tasty Bowls”, including Fafurina’s Paleo Granola, made with sprouted almonds, raw pumpkin seeds, pecans, shredded coconut, honey, maple syrup, Chia Porriage, prepped with chia seeds, fresh young coconut milk, vanilla, and the Açaí Bowl, bursting with açaí berries, blueberries, cashews, fresh young coconut milk, banana + wildflower honey granola. Each of my offerings were memorable in their own way but it was the flavorful açaí creation that had me wanting to lick my bowl. Experiencing a variety of flavor notes in one serving is all to rare in the cereal world, and for this creation, I am thankful. If you’re just trying to go the classic route, AKOS offers traditional cereals in their simple, whole grain form such as corn flakes, rice krispies, raisin bran and frosted flakes. Toppings are a plenty, with seasonal fresh fruits, sprouted nuts, flax seed, goji berries, raw honey, coconut, hemp hearts, and cocoa nibs. Sounds like a delicious way to start the morning, doesn’t it?

Another Kind of Sunrise, 1629 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice CA. 90291

another kind of sunrise chia bowl

Another Kind of Sunrise Acai Bowl, L.A. Food Blog

Another Kind of Sunrise Venice

Another Kind of Sunrise Venice

Another Kind of Sunrise Cereal

Another Kind of Sunrise Paleo Granola



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