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Haven’t you always wanted to build your own pizza but with quality ingredients? I was psyched when I was invited to 800° Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria in Westwood because recently my friend Whitney was telling me how much she enjoyed it – not to mention, how perfect of a spot it was for a casual date. AND CUZ PIZZA! I started my tour at 800°’s take away jawn, just around the corner from their original location. It was there I learned all about their new Panuozzo sandwiches which are prepared with freshly baked pizza dough and perfect for someone on the go. I ordered a delicious hot lamb panuozza in addition to the cold Salumi, made with Italian cold cuts, caciocavallo, pepperoncini and vinaigrette. This would have been the perfect lunch when I was at my alma mater (UCLA) up the street.

It wouldn’t take you long to realize from looking at my Instagram to know how much I LOVE BURRATA. At 800° they don’t just have pizzas and panuozzos but they also have some flavorful burrata plates. I choose the cherry tomatoes + pesto + burrata and prosciutto + melon. Amazing combinations, right? Both plates came with grilled bread but I didn’t need it because the ingredients were so fresh and flavorful that I wanted to experience them all on their own. Also, because we had ordered 3 pizzas and I am not trying to kill myself with bread. Almost all their burrata plates are only $5 with the exception of the prosciutto which is $11 for obvious reasons. I highly recommend you order any kind of burrata dish when the opportunity presents itself.

Neapolitan style pizza is my favorite because I simply love a thin crust, even better when it’s slightly charred on the ends. Each pie is made in a wood-burning oven and cooks in about a minute. At 800° you pull up to the pizza bar, make your selections – get creative as you want – and your pizza will be baked and ready before you even leave the counter! This style of pizza is eaten with a knife and fork in Italy but since I was in Westwood I didn’t feel any pressure. There’s something about holding a slice of pizza like a little baby in your hands that feels rewarding. I wanted to try a variety of their pies so I went with a classic Margherita, a speciality in the form of the Tartufo and built my own. The Tartufo, made with truffle cheese, mushrooms, roasted garlic and arugula (no sauce) was aromatic and bold. The flavor of the truffle paired with the smokiness of the garlic was a gift to my mouth. This, you have to try. For my own creation I chose the Verde which is a green pie (pine nut basil pesto) with fresh mozzarella + Parmigiano Reggiano and topped it with pepperoni and Molinari sweet Italian salsiccia. This pizza was bomb to say the least. The spices packed in the pork where are on point and were partying with my taste buds. I always prefer having some kind of pizza with savory meat on my table to compliment a meatless pizza. I was very much tempted by their prosciutto, bacon and rosemary ham toppings, but figured I would save those for next time. Did I mention they are open until 2am?

800° Degrees, 10889 Lindbrook Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90024

800 Degrees Tartufo Pizza

800 Degrees Woodfire Oven

800 Degrees Panuozzo

800 Degrees Westwood

800 Degrees Pizza Dough

800 Degrees Build Your Own Pizza

800 Degrees Burrata

800 Degrees Margherita Pizza

800 Degrees Prosciutto Melon, L.A. Food Blog

800 Degrees Pesto Pizza, L.A. Food Blog


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